Peer Support Group

6/13/2019 7:52:06 PM

Welcome to the EASAV Member Peer Support Group Page!

Attention: New location
The group meets on the second Wednesday of each month at the Mayfield Animal Hospital from 7 - 9 pm.

Q: Who are these meetings for?                                                 

A: For EASAV member veterinarians who are searching for peer support with issues such as: 

Do you have a question for one of our facilitators? Contact them confidentially at

One of this program’s basic principles is that of confidentiality. Meetings will be kept confidential; those present will be asked not to disclose to anyone whom we see or what we hear while at the meetings.

Each session will be co-facilitated by 1-2 long-time EASAV members, Drs. Martin Schiebel and/or Nancy Bruyere and/or Smokey Walters, our Executive Assistant.  

We are not licensed counsellors and are not trained to give guidance on personal, social or psychological problems; we are veterinarians helping veterinarians and we look forward to helping our fellow members!

Not an EASAV member, but seeking support?  If you are a veterinarian registered with the AbVMA, we welcome you to purchase a membership with us so that you can attend our meetings! Click here to sign up to purchase a membership or contact our Executive Assistant, Smokey at if you have questions.

If you not a registered veterinarian and are looking for mental health support, please see below for a list of Mental Health Resources available to AbVMA members and residents of Alberta.

Connecting veterinary professionals with mental health resources in the community

Mental Health Hotline Alberta – – 1-877-303-264

Alberta Health Services Crisis/Distress Hotline 211 – 24 hr support to provide resources to help with a stressful situation before it escalates into a crisis. 
List of Crisis centres in Alberta
Alberta Health Services Health Link
Alberta Mental Health Intake
Mental Health Resources for livestock producers in Canada -

AbVMA Members 

Homewood Health