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  2024 Dr. Milton Ness Memorial Teddy Bear Hospital
  AbVMA Links
  Alberta Helping Animals Society (AHAS)
  Animal blood bank donor information and drives near you
  Animal Cruelty: Clinic resources and guide to reporting
  City of Edmonton ACCC Request for help with Pet IDs
  Dosimetry Service Providers
  EASAV and the veterinary community
  EASAV Peer Support Group
  Edmonton Humane Society News
  Mental Health Resources
  Microchip Information from the NCAC
  Pet Body Donation Program: Pet Owners
  Pet Body Donation Program: Veterinary Clinics
  Pet Food Donations
  Pet Safekeeping
  Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease
  Rabies Prevention, Vaccinations for Humans and Serology Testing
  Suicide Prevention Resources
  Toxicity Calculators
  UCVM students seeking accommodations
  Veterinary Clinics with Extended hours