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2/6/2020 1:50:10 PM

Seminar Locations:


South Learning Centre

Helpful Links for Veterinary Professionals

Suspect Animal Abuse? Check out these helpful sites and links:

Canadian Veterinary Medical Association - information and links with regards to Animal Abuse

American SPCA (ASPCA) Tools & Tips for veterinary professionals

ASPCA Sample Documents for Cruelty Cases

LIFELEARN:Veterinary Marketing Solutions for your practice

Helpful Veterinarian-approved Websites for the public

Alberta Animal Health Source

General Veterinary Medicine:


Feline Medicine:

Cat Healthy

Dentistry and Dental Health:

Veterinary Oral Health Council

Pet Parasitology:

Pet Toxicology/Poison Control:

Other Public Website Links

City of Edmonton Animal Care and Control

Edmonton Humane Society

Wildlife recovery in Edmonton for northern Alberta