EASAV Video Seminar Streaming

1/11/2024 5:54:54 AM

EASAV records many of its seminars for streaming purposes. 

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2024 Videos

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Who can watch EASAV videos?

 Role  Evening (2 hr) videos  2 hr wet-lab videos  3 hr videos   5-6 hr videos 
 EASAV/CAVM DVM Members (Voting & Associate)  FREE  $26.25  $32  $52.50
 EASAV RVT Members          FREE  $26.25  $32  $52.50
 Non-member support staff (RVTs, managers)  $15.75  $26.25  $32  $52.50
 Non-member veterinarians  $26.25  $52.50  $52.50  $78.25

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