EASAV Video Seminar Streaming

5/21/2020 9:15:26 PM

EASAV records many of its seminars for streaming purposes. 

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Who are these videos for?

 Role  Evening (2 hr) videos  Full Day (6 hr total video time - broken into 2 x 3 hr videos) 
 EASAV Member veterinarians  FREE  $105 (GST included)
 RVTS & other support staff  $32 (GST included)  $105 (GST included)
 Non-member veterinarians  $32 (GST included)  $175 (GST included)

EASAV is doing its part to help during these difficult times. 
Until seminar attendance is back to normal, all of our website users will be given a 50% COVID discount on videos purchased!