Member Benefits

10/13/2023 5:46:41 PM

The Edmonton Association of Small Animal Veterinarians (EASAV)

EASAV has two membership categories:
CE rates: (these prices include GST)

 New price categories  2 hr live & recorded seminars  3 hr webinars & 2-3 hr wet-lab webinars/recordings  5-6 hr live seminars
 EASAV members DVMs (Voting & Associate)  FREE          $26.25  $105
 EASAV member RVTs  FREE          $26.25  $75
 Non-member RVTs (& AHTs)  $15.75  $26.25  $105
 Non-member vets  $26.25        $52.50  $157.50

Download our 2023 CE Brochure

Download our 2023 CE Conference Brochure

Here is how our membership categories work:

Voting Membership ($130/yr) - for veterinarians REGISTERED with the AbVMA

Associate Members ($75/yr) - RVTs, AHTs & veterinarians NOT REGISTERED with the AbVMA

Not interested or don't qualify for a membership? You can sign-up to use our website to: 

By becoming a member of the Edmonton Association of Small Animal Veterinarians, you are collaborating with other veterinary professionals to bring the following programs and opportunities to our profession and making Edmonton a rewarding place to work and live! If you would like to support these initiatives or gain access to our great benefits by becoming a member, please follow these steps:

  • Sign-up using our website (sign up button is located at top right corner of our web browser page) (online payment is optional)
  • Please use your personal email address, not your work address.
  • Would you prefer to sign up offline? Download the 2023 Membership Application Form and
  • Email a copy to: or
  • Fax to (780)757-7865 or 
  • Mail a copy along with a cheque (made out to EASAV in the amount of your membership) to: EASAV, Box, 31029 Namao Centre NW, Edmonton AB T5Z 1X9

    Questions?  Contact our Executive Assistant, Smokey Walters
    Phone: (780)970-3728