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10/7/2021 7:55:07 PM
The Edmonton Association of Small Animal Veterinarians (EASAV)

We have made some changes to our CE rates and opened up a new membership category! EASAV is pleased to announce a new Associate membership category for RVTs, AHTs and out-of-province & unregistered veterinarians (I.e. on extended maternity leave)! 

In the past, RVTs attended only full day seminars at member rates. Now, they can purchase an Associate EASAV membership, which will give them access to member rates for evening seminars, full day seminars, wet-labs and recorded seminars! Here are the new CE rates going forward; wet-lab rates now have two price categories (for members & non-members) and vary depending on the wet-lab:

   2 hr live & recorded seminars  3 hr webinars & recordings  5-6 hr live seminars
 EASAV members (Voting & Associate)  FREE          $25  $105 
 Non-member RVTs (& AHTs)  $32  $32  $115
 Non-member vets  $32          $62  $175

Download our CE Brochure!

Here is how our membership categories work:

Voting Membership ($130/yr) - for veterinarians REGISTERED with the AbVMA

Associate Members ($75/yr) - RVTs, AHTs & veterinarians NOT REGISTERED with the AbVMA

Not interested or don't qualify for a membership? You can sign-up to use our website to: 

By becoming a member of the Edmonton Association of Small Animal Veterinarians, you are collaborating with other local veterinary professionals to bring the following programs and opportunities to our city and profession and making Edmonton a rewarding place to work and live!
If you would like to support these initiatives by becoming a member, please follow these steps:

  • Sign-up using our website (sign up button is located at top right corner of our web browser page) (online payment is optional)
  • Please use your personal email address, not your work address.
  • Would you prefer to sign up offline? Download the 2021 Membership Application Form and
  • Email a copy to: or
  • Fax to (780)757-7865 or 
  • Mail a copy along with a cheque (made out to EASAV in the amount of your membership) to: EASAV, Box, 31029 Namao Centre NW, Edmonton AB T5Z 1X9

    Questions?  Contact our Executive Assistant, Smokey Walters
    Phone: (780)970-3728