EASAV Membership Information

5/1/2020 2:41:00 PM
The Edmonton Association of Small Animal Veterinarians (EASAV)

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Established in 1971, the Edmonton Association of Small Animal Veterinarians (EASAV) is a non-for-profit organization whose mandate is to provide local continuing education for all members of the veterinary team and to promote collegiality among Edmonton and area veterinarians. The association, made up of local volunteer veterinarians, currently has greater than 200 member veterinarians and has a public membership list (RVTs, non-member vets and others) of more than 700. We offer member rates to our seminars for members of the Calgary Academy of Veterinary Medicine as well as RVTs (for full day seminars only).

By becoming a member of the Edmonton Association of Small Animal Veterinarians, you are collaborating with other local veterinarians to bring the following programs and opportunities to our fabulous city and working together to make Edmonton a vibrant place for Veterinarians to work!

In addition to these community supports, EASAV members are also entitled to the following privileges:

If you would like to support these initiatives become a member, please follow these steps:

Please note: only registered members of the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association qualify for membership with EASAV.
STOP! Are you a newly registered veterinarian with the AbVMA? If so, you qualify for a complimentary membership for the remainder of our membership year!

Please follow the steps listed above and indicate on the application form or email that 
you are newly registered with AbVMA. 

RVTS and other veterinary support staff: although you do not qualify for membershp with EASAV, you can still sign up to use our website and receive CE notices! You also receive member rates on full day CE seminars & invitations to participate in some of our volunteer and social events. 

If you have any questions about EASAV, please contact our Executive Assistant:

Smokey Walters
Executive Assistant, Edmonton Association of Small Animal Veterinarians
Phone: (780)970-3728
Fax: (780)757-7865
Email: info@easav.ca