09-25-2022 Communication: The Language of Success

 The Edmonton Association of Small Animal Veterinarians
is pleased to present an in-person seminar for the entire veterinary team...
Communication: The Language of Success
with Jayne Takahashi, DVM, MBA

Date: Sunday, September 25, 2022
Time: 9 am - 4 pm; registration at 8:15 am
Location: South Learning Centre, NAIT Main Campus
Breakfast & lunch included!

We need to talk:
Successful communication skills give you the ability to positively affect every interaction in your day - personally & professionally. In veterinary practice, your communication determines the information on which to base patient care & is often the reason why clients & employees are happy or unhappy with the practice. Four core communication skills will be reviewed & applied to scenarios commonly encountered in practice for every position on the team.

Why don't we see eye to eye? This entertaining, interactive session highlights the various ways we perceive & interpret differently from each other & why "eveyrone does not think just like me." This diversity within your team can have its challenges however, diversity is a powerful driver of innovation, best practices & progressive teams if the differences are acknowledged & appreciated.

Bark! Meow! Conflict & challenging or uncomfortable conversations arise in every business - with clients & with colleagues. While there is not a single solution to all situations, we will discuss basic communication skills to work through emotional conversations, financial discussions & the compassionate delivery of difficult news. 

You are the client! In this session, we will look at commonly encountered communication scenarios from a client's perspective. Every team member contributes to the client's experience & we will examine the communication opportunities at every point of contact as we move through a hospital visit as a client.

This seminar will be recorded & available for streaming at a later date.

Seminar Fees:   
               In-person (6 hrs)    Virtually/3-hr recorded session

EASAV/CAVM Members:       $105                        $26.25
Non-member vets:                 $175                        $65.10
Support Staff:                         $115                        $32.00
AbVMA, SVMA & CVBC--approved for 3 CE credits

EASAV Address: Box 31029, Namao Centre NW, Edmonton, AB T5Z 3P3

About Jayne Takahashi: 

Jayne loves all things communication! Her diverse career has enabled her to observe hundreds of scenarios and to learn professional communication skills in a variety of veterinary related settings - as a companion animal veterinarian, pet nutrition educator, national marketing manager, Vice President of Communications for a network of veterinary practices and as a volunteer communication coach for veterinary students. Currently, Jayne is thrilled to coach veterinary teams & speak at conferences nationally, in order to support improved team dynamics, effective interpersonal conversations and successful "people skills".

Registration Deadline: 
Friday, September 16, 2022

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