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Forensic Files

 Margaret Doyle, DVM, BSc, MVB, MSc, MRCVS 

 Webinar Date: Monday, February 28, 2022
 Webinar Time: 7-9 pm MST  
Webinar will be available for streaming on-demand afterwards
 AbVMA, SVMA & CVBC-approved for 2 CE credits


Webinar Abstract: 

Animal abuse investigations in the province of Alberta are becoming more common and complex, and are increasingly requiring the assistance of veterinarians. With recognition of the Link prompting local law enforcement agencies to dedicate more resources to these investigations and the AbVMA mandating reporting of abuse and neglect, these cases are being seen more frequently in both emergency and first opinion practice. Being involved in these cases can be stressful, especially when we don’t know how they typically proceed. In this webinar Dr. Doyle will share cases from Alberta outlining the process of an investigation from the veterinary perspective. We will examine several cases from initial presentation through court proceedings with a view to demystifying the process and encouraging the veterinary team to feel comfortable with involvement.  

Speaker Biography: 

Graduating with a veterinary degree from the University College Dublin, Dr. Doyle returned to Canada to practice in 2009. She subsequently obtained a certificate & a Masters in Veterinary Forensics from the University of Florida. Dr. Doyle has lectured across North America, & Internationally to veterinarians, law enforcement & crown prosecutors on the recognition & reporting of animal abuse. As an advocate for awareness of the ‘Link’, she lectures on the need for mandated reporting among veterinarians & for broadening the scope of investigations involving the intersections of violence against all living beings.Currently based at the VCA Riverbend Animal Hospital in Calgary, Dr Doyle provides services from crime scene analysis & photography, to forensic necropsies & live exams. She was the first person to be qualified as an expert witness to testify in the field of veterinary forensics in the Court of Queens Bench in Alberta & has consulted with law enforcement agencies across Canada on cases of intentional & unintentional animal abuse.

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