02-11-2024 The Triage Tango (Webinar)


Presents a webinar for DVMs, RVTs & Client Care specialists...

The Triage Tango: Methodical Manoeuvers In Patient Prioritization 

Pending AbVMA & CVBC-approval for 2 CE credits

Speaker: Leilani Mustillo, RVT, CEO & Founder of Animal Health Link

Abstract: This seminar will empower RVTs & DVMs with the knowledge and skills essential for proficiently handling the initial triage of patients. The course aims to refresh existing competencies and introduce advanced concepts to enhance the participants' ability to make swift and informed decisions at patient presentation. 

Participants will start by establishing a solid foundation in the fundamentals of triage & gaining an understanding of its definition, purpose and overarching value in veterinary practice. The course will then guide attendees through the entire triage process, from phone call to hospital presentation. This will include the distinct roles each team member plays in this crucial  process, exploration of decision support tools, completion of the primary survey as well as case scenarios to review decision-making strategies when faced with multiple patients arriving simultaneously. Attendees will also learn to recognize pitfalls in the triage process & strategies to mitigate them. In summary, participants will leave equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to enhance their triage capabilities, ultimately contributing to improved patient outcomes. 

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Circle one:   EASAV/CAVM    Other AHT    Other DVM   Unregistered SS

This seminar is also being provided in person at WDDC! 

If registering for the in-person event, do not register for the webinar. 

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Webinar Date:
Sunday, February 11, 2024
Time: 10 am - 12 pm 
Platform: Zoom

About the speaker: Leilani has been an RVT for the past 15 years. She has worked in specialty & emergency medicine, management and as a college instructor in Animal Health throughout this time. In 2020, she became CEO & Co-Founder of Animal HealthLink, a veterinary telehealth company created to relieve the extreme pressure veterinary staff are facing & promote sustainability of veterinary practices & improve patient access to care. 

Since launching her business, Leilani has served as RVT Liaison to the Veterinary Virtual Care Association (VVCA) and is currently a Council Member for the ABVMA. Through her involvement in these organizations, she demonstrates her dedication to staying informed about industry trends, advocating for animal welfare & promoting the highest standards of veterinary care.

Lecture Fees:

Other RVTs: $15.75 (Late: $26.25)
Other DVMs: $32 (Late $52.50)
Unregistered support staff: FREE

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